Public Relations

Montgomery County Memorial Library engages in our community to promote our library services, including programs, digital resources, a diverse collection of titles, technology and more for all ages. We are invested in providing positive and equitable services to our community.

We provide partnerships and often take our library on the road where we share information and opportunities to receive a library card. You’ll see us pop up at your school, senior center, veteran’s event, resource and community fairs and more.  We are more than just books.

We are an outreach team within a modern day library. We’ve made it our business to provide services inside and outside our library branches, and meet you where you are. For information about outreach at your event, and how we can reach out and share the benefits of libraries and the power of a library card, call 936-522-2117.

Here are just a few highlights of the Outreach services we provide. Click on the links for additional library resources and information.