Proctor Policy

Policy Statement

Montgomery County Memorial Library System offers proctoring as a support service to foster lifelong learning in the community. Test proctoring is a free service. The Montgomery County Memorial Library System does not receive compensation from test-takers or from sponsoring institutions. By agreeing to monitor an exam, the library staff takes on an obligation to the sponsoring institution to ensure security. Therefore, the service is limited by the following:

  1. The Library will only proctor tests from institutions whose testing requirements are in accordance with this Agreement.
  2. The Library will only proctor tests if, at the discretion of the Library, staffing allows.
  3. The Library will only proctor open book tests, in either a written or online format. An open book test is defined as a test where students are allowed to use notes or other resources. The Library will not proctor audio tests or closed book tests.
  4. The Library will not sponsor tests that require constant supervision during the test taking process. The Library will not sign an affidavit saying a test was taken under those circumstances.
  5. The Library is not responsible for interruptions in computer service during online exams.
  6. Tests received without prior library approval may be discarded or returned to the testing institution after 30 days.
  7. The Library cannot assume responsibility for undelivered tests and will not inquire about overdue or missing tests.
  8. Tests may not be viewed prior to test taking. Completed tests will not be returned to the test taker.
  9. Testing materials may be delivered to the Library by U.S. Mail, Fed Ex and/or UPS. The Library will not accept delivery of testing materials by facsimile.
  10. The Library is not responsible for any test fees, billing, or shipping costs associated with any test proctored by Library staff.
  11. The test taker shall be solely responsible for all associated testing fees and making all arrangements for the return of the test to the sponsoring institution, including providing a correctly addressed and stamped envelope, assuring that the shipping label is properly addressed and coded for billing, and/or calling a courier or delivery service to arrange for pick up from the Library, as necessary.
  12. The test taker is required to show a picture ID for verification, in a format authorized by the testing institution. A copy of the test taker ID may be returned to the testing institution. Library staff will not provide photocopies of their personal identification to the test taker or the institution.
  13. Test takers must be present at the Library at their scheduled testing time. Test takers who arrive more than 15 minutes late forfeit their proctoring appointment and must reschedule.
  14. The Library will not grade tests.
  15. The Library will not interpret test questions.
  16. The test taker must provide all test taking materials, including but not limited to, pencils, pens, calculators, and scratch paper.
  17. The Library is not responsible for completed tests not received by the testing institution.
  18. Test takers who repeatedly abuse or violate proctoring regulations will have their proctoring privileges revoked throughout the Library System.

(Effective date December 19, 2017)