Exhibits & Display Policy

Policy Statement

Montgomery County Memorial Library System welcomes exhibits and displays. They are a means through which the public can share visual experiences, appreciate special interests and exchange information. The purpose of this policy is to provide fair and consistent standards for the use of display areas in the Library, thus ensuring use of these spaces in a manner that is consistent with the Library's other service objectives.


In this policy, Exhibits and Displays are uniformly defined as presentations of artwork, artifacts, documents, photographs and ephemera made available for public viewing in the Library. Each library location has unique spaces dedicated for this purpose. For the purpose of this policy, "display" refers to both displays and exhibits.

  1. Priority use of display spaces will be given to the Library-related and Library-sponsored programs and services.
  2. When not being used to promote Library-related programs or services, display spaces are available to community members engaged in educational, cultural or intellectual activities. All displays from community members must be in accordance with the regulations outlined below.
  3. A signed, completed Display Application must be filled out prior to display request approval.
  4. Only display areas listed in the Display Application are available for use by the public. No displays may be mounted by the public outside of display areas specified by the Library.
  5. Applications may be submitted to the desired Library location in person, by fax, email or mail.
  6. Display space may be reserved in one month increments only. Any modification of hte display period or reservation time is solely at the discretion of the Library staff.
  7. More than one designated display area may be used at a time, depending on availability at the time of the request. The Library reserves the right to designate and limit space, size, and location of public displays or displays.
  8. Groups or individuals may reserve display space for up to two months per calendar year, whether consecutive or not.
  9. Reservations for displays by outside organizations can be made up to six months in advance on a first-come, first-served basis. Library staff may schedule displays up to one year in advance.
  10. Space is provided on an equitable basis for displays that meet the following guidelines: displays must be of an educational, cultural, or intellectual nature, and do not advertise commercial enterprises, or serve specific candidates' campaigns or parties. All materials must be pre-approved by a designated Library staff member.
  11. Preferences for art exhibitions are given to group organizations featuring multiple artists. Individual fine artists exibits are considered entrepreneurial and not appropriate for library display use.
  12. The Library will not act as an agent for the owner of the materials on display. Owners are encouraged to post statements about their work, but price tags or the posting of price lists ar not permitted. The inclusion of the words "for sale" is prohibited, even where there is no prices listed.
  13. Final approval for the mounting of any display rests solely with the designated library representative.
  14. Montgomery County and the Montgomery County Memorial Library System will not be responsible for any damage or theft that may occur during transport, setup, and duration of the display or removal of the display.
  15. Damage to the premises, equipment, or furnishings as a result of displayed materials will be charged to the individual or group responsible. The display Owner or organization and its members, jointly and separately, assume and shall bear full responsiblity for the loss of, or injury or damage to, and property of MCMLS as shall be caused or inflicted by the individual or organization.
  16. Insurance covering the value of the display will be the responsibility of the Owner, and irreplaceable items or items of great value should not be included in a display.
  17. The Library Director reserves the right to cancel any display should conditions or situations warrant such action.

(Effective date January 26, 2016)