Minor Child Policy

Policy Statement

Montgomery County Memorial Library System welcomes children of all ages. In order ot provide a pleasant and secure environment for children who visit the Library, staff require the cooperation of parents, caregivers and guardians.


The Library is for everyone's enjoyment. The following regulations for patron conduct are essential to ensure respect for individuals who use this public facility.

Definitions for this document:
A CHILD is an individual 12 years of age or younger.
A YOUNG ADULT is an individual 13-17 years of old.
A PARENT, CAREGIVER or GUARDIAN is an adult 18 years of age or older.

  1. Children are the responsibility of parents, caregivers or guardians at all times when on library premises.
  2. The Library has neither the staff nor legal authority to supervise children in the Library
  3. The County is not responsible for the choice of library materials for your children's use. The responsiblity for the choice of library material rests with their parents or legal guardians.
  4. Children under 13 must have a parent, caregiver or guardian in the immediate vicinity of and in visual contact wiht the child. If a child is found inside the Library without a parent, caregiver or guardian they will be considered unattended.
  5. During library programs only, children aged 9-12 may attend while a parent or guardian remains in the building. Parent or guardian attendance at the library program is optional.
  6. Young adults may be inside the Library building without a parent, caregiver or guardian but may not supervise a child.
  7. Children and Young Adults must be picked up by library closing time.
  8. At closing time, if a child or young adult has not been picked up, the library may ask the authorities to take the child or young adult into custody for their own protection.

(Effective date January 26, 2016)