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Central Library

Aubrey was very helpful in assisting with my needs. Please tell her, she gets a nice kudos for her friendly gesture. Thank you.


Thank you for your wonderful comments about our staff and facility! We will pass them along.

People using cell phones upstairs, loud talk, laughter and voicemail. People sit for the longest just staying on their phones and recharging them.


Thank you for your comment. Our Patron Behavior Guidelines do allow for cell phone use and quiet talking in the library. Loud voices, from groups or using a cell phone, that disturb others are not permitted. Please alert a librarian to this behavior immediately. Our goal is to provide a positive library experience for all of our patrons.

People use Pinterest for design ideas and recipes, but it’s blocked. I can use the lab and get an override, but then it’s hard to save the ideas to my laptop. If I can get an override in the lab, I don’t see why it needs to be blocked in the first place. At least be able to unblock on a person’s personal computer on request? The site’s no worse than a regular web search; probably cleaner.


Thank you for your comment. Commissioner’s Court has directed that all internet searches begin in a filtered environment. Adults can show proper identification and have the filter temporarily removed to access a variety of sites. Library staff are not able to remove the filter on personal devices, such as laptops, due to County IT policies. If you feel a site has been blocked erroneously, please complete a Website Reconsideration Form available from a librarian

6-22-2018. Dear Library, our lord: Keep you, bless you and lead you! That you do good, have an experience good in faith: God bless all you and each other and your efforts. In Jesus Christ, our lord. He knows and loves you! Just trust him and in him!!! No matter what. We are not perfect, but he is and it is all we need!!! From: Children and Friends of Good and yours


Thank you for taking your time and effort to write your comment.

Summer Reading at Central

6/5/18 - Movie Coco

  • It was great. Kids enjoyed popcorn and movie.
  • Good show. Keep the good work on.

6/5/18 - Singing Zoologist, Lucas Miller

  • Very good presentation. The children seemed to understand and all enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.
  • The children agree - "He is hilarious!" Judos to Mr. Miller - he kept both my children (7 and 9) entertained!
  • It was a great presentation. My kids enjoyed the music and hope to see you again next time. Good job!!!
  • Excellent presentation: engaging and funny; informing/informative; entertaining and fun; age appropriate for range of ages. I loved it too and I am an adult. Thank you!

6/6/18 - Rockin' Dance Party

  • Maybe ask parents to stay seated, so the kids in the back can see. The kids missed most of what was going on because of someone standing in the front. Other than that it's great!

6/12/18 - Nutty Scientists

  • Very engaging. Interesting experiments. Appropriate for a variety of ages. Fantastic.

6/18/18 - History of Chocolate

  • Nice presentation. Very enjoyable. Especially enjoyed the different samples of each.
  • Fun course!
  • Excellent program. Great presentation.
  • Wonderful! Didn't expect such wonderful taste treats!
  • Very fun and informative *smiley face*
  • Great program! Thank you!

6/19/18 - AndyRooniverse

  • Awesome, kid-friendly music. Kids enjoyed the music.
  • My daughter liked the love song about popsicles best! All the songs were great including the one about Saskatoon! The slow-fast-faster song was super too!

6/20/18 - Leona Hoegsberg

  • I am a mother of 2 girls, 9 and 12. It was nice to be able to site down with both of my girls and enjoy storytime with Leona Hoegsberg. It was been quite a while since we have done that! Now that they are such "big girls".

6/25/18 - Geocaching 101

  • Needed a break from grading, so I made the trek Northeast. Thank you Baytown Bert for hosting the event. Had a nice turnout for a Monday. Life is not always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride.

6/26/18 - Arts Alive!

  • My daughter loved the bubbles best!


Thank you very much for your feedback. We are glad that you enjoyed our programs and will take your suggestions into consideration for next year.

Genealogy & Local History Room

Carl, Thanks so much for the Land program! Because of it, I found my 2nd great-grandfather’s land grant – military – in Illinois Yeah!


We are glad you found your ancestor and that the program was beneficial to your research. We will continue our best to provide useful programming to our genealogy patrons to assist them with locating record for their ancestors and connecting with their forebears.

The help received is great. Very knowledgeable & friendly. Carl and Laura Dahlberg were very good. I scanned 3 scrapbooks for the Coushatti Trace Chapter & could not have done this without the Montgomery County Library and the staff’s expertise.


We are glad you were able to complete you scanning project utilizing our services, and found our staff and volunteers helpful and friendly. We look forward to assisting you again soon.

Wow! You hit the nail on the head. That is the man I'm looking for. Thank you so much. You have made my day.


Thank you for your kind words. We enjoy helping people find the records for the ancestors they are searching for, and look forward to assisting you in the future if we can.

Malcolm Purvis Library

Death of Mrs. Westaway is nowhere.


I’m sorry our copy of The Death of Mrs. Westaway was not checked in when you were in the library. If you are still looking for the book, please contact the library at 936-442-7704 or ask a staff member when you visit the library and we will be happy to request a copy from another location for you.

Get more books. Two of each please.


Thank you for your comment. If would be great if our budget allowed for the purchase of two copies of everything. Unfortunately, we are only able to purchase multiple copies of select high demand books. However, we can request books from another library or check the availability of an electronic book if you are unable to find a copy when you visit the library.

Good Service. Love coming here to read.


Thank you for your comment. We are pleased that you enjoy the library and find the staff helpful.

Thank you for the new activities in the kid’s area. My kids love playing with them.


Thank you for your positive comments about our new Family Play & Learn Area. We plan to add new items periodically and hope your family continues to enjoy a variety of activities in the library.

Charles B. Stewart-West Branch Library

Jeff – computer analyst [sic] was determined to fix my complex computer/printer issue! He went the 2nd mile and way more!! Worked tirelessly at two 2-hour intervals – never giving up…even tho [sic] I had. His brilliant mind brainstormed one idea leading to another! He goes all out for the person in need! He works quietly with confidence and skill. Troubleshooting and solving technology issues is his forte. He is most welcome in Texas – California’s loss. Thank you, Jeff!


Thank you for the positive comment. We will let Jeff know his efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

R. B. Tullis Branch Library

Melissa was great in ongoing computer classes. Very patient and thorough. Explained everything. (Name Withheld)


Thank you for your compliment. Melissa is very knowledgeable and we are happy to have her here at Tullis. I will make sure she knows about your compliment.

Enjoyed the music club. Would like to have more of it.


Thank you for your comment. I will pass this on to the librarian who coordinates adult programming.

George & Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library

I'd like to join the library, what documentation do I need to present?


A valid Texas driver’s license with your current address is all that you need to bring. You can register for a library card at any of the Montgomery County Memorial Library System branches by presenting a valid photo ID, such as a Texas driver’s license, and documentation of your current address. If your current address is not shown on your photo ID, you must present acceptable proof of your local address, such as an insurance card, an electric or telephone bill dated within the last 30 days, or a legal document such as a rental agreement, lease, or a property tax receipt.

I have a library card with your branch location; however, I am currently at work and do not have it with me at this time, nor do I have the library card number memorized. I would like to place four books on hold so that I can pick them up tonight or tomorrow. Will you please provide me with my library card number so that I can place them on hold myself, or is it possible for me to give you the info for the books so that you can place the hold for me?


To safeguard your privacy, library policy prohibits us from giving out library card numbers via email or by phone. However, we would be glad to place the holds for you! Please contact the reference desk at 936-442-7728 x6333, identify yourself and provide information about the titles you’d like to request. If the items are available at our branch, we can certainly pull them and have them on the hold shelf for you to pick up tonight or tomorrow. If the items are in other library collections, however, they would need to be transported to our location and might not be available so quickly.

I have a new iPad and have been unable to download a book that has been checked out to my account. When I try to download I get a message “device deauthorized.”


The "device deauthorized" error message is displayed when you try to download an eBook on your iPad, but haven’t authorized your device to access eBooks in the Adobe ePub format. You can authorize your iPad through the Overdrive app by following the directions below; however, if you continue to have difficulty accessing your eBook, just contact the Reference Desk at 936-442-7728, extension 6333, and we’d be glad to provide additional assistance:

  1. Open the OverDrive app
  2. Tap the icon in the top-left corner to open the Home Menu
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Adobe ID
  5. Tap Authorize, then tap:
    1. Yes, to automatically use the same account you signed in with (most likely your OverDrive account)
    2. No, to manually authorize with an Adobe ID instead

Tip: If you see a "Device Limit" error, you'll have to unlink another device from your OverDrive account and go through the steps again.

I come very often to George & Cynthia Woods [Mitchell] library. I sit in the second floor, and many times people, little kids, and moms speak with a high tone. Please let me know if that is ok, so I could search for a different place to study. If not ok, I appeal to your generosity to help this place be a better place for studying. As of now, I can hear a very nice girl having a great long conversation with mom. Thank you.


Collaborative study sessions, quiet conversations, brief cell phone calls and similar activities are permitted in the library reading room and the shelving areas. As you have noticed, our library serves a large number of young families. Especially when the reading room is quiet, interactions that might ordinarily go unnoticed, such as the mother and young girl reviewing study problems, can become distracting. The library’s study rooms can be reserved for up to two hours per day and may provide the quiet space you are seeking. Whenever another patron’s activities are disturbing you, you are also welcome to bring the situation to the attention of the reference librarian on duty. He or she can monitor the situation, and ask the patrons to lower their voices or perhaps move the activity to the lobby or a group study room, if necessary.

I have a 9 year old daughter. She is very much interested in volunteering. It would be great if you provided any days to volunteer in summer holidays.


Our branch has a very active teen (ages 13 to 17) volunteer program and all of our available volunteer opportunities are currently filled by teen participants. Because of the number of teen volunteers, we usually do not have appropriate volunteer assignments for younger children. Please be aware that children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times while in the library, per our policy. If your daughter is still interested in volunteering in a few years, we'd love to have her join our teen volunteer program. Thank you for your interest in supporting the library!

I read a lot of books and don't always remember which ones I've read. Is it possible to get a list of all the books I've checked out and read so I don't check out something I've already read? This would be a great benefit and help.


Unfortunately, the library's circulation system does not retain information about items that have been returned in order to protect patron privacy. I'm sorry that we don’t have the information you were seeking. Have you considered keeping a book journal to track both library books borrowed and books obtained through other sources? The journal could be as simple as an ongoing list of titles kept in a pocket notebook or as detailed as you'd prefer, with series lists, personal reading goals, and similar information for your own reference.

The American Girl series are the best!!!!!! Keep giving them out!


We’re so glad that you enjoy reading the books in that series! Many of the American Girl series are set in the past. If you particularly enjoy those titles, the library has similar books you might like. Ask a Children’s staff member to show you the “Historical Fiction” sticker the next time you visit the library.

More Timmy Failure. Please.


The “Timmy Failure” series by Stephan Pastis is very popular with our young readers. All of the copies are currently checked out at our location. If you’d like to request a particular book in the series, just ask at the Children’s desk and one of the library assistants would be glad to help you place a hold.

For Summer Reading program it would be fun to have a ballet class.


All of our program slots for this summer have been filled, but we will pass on your suggestion to our Children’s Librarian for her consideration.

You should have a movie scanner.


You seem to be referring to the fact that we do not permit DVD’s to be checked out at the self-check machine. We require patrons to bring DVD’s to the main checkout stations because most of our DVD’s have case locks that must be removed by library staff at checkout. Also, DVD’s can only be checked out by adult patrons. Having library staff check out the DVD’s allows us to be sure that rule is followed at all times.

South Regional Library

You’re Warriors books are great, can you please get Vision of Shadows!


The Warriors: A Vision of Shadows series by Erin Hunter is very popular with our readers. If all of the copies are currently checked out at our location, a staff member will be glad to assist in placing a hold on a particular book in the series.

REALLY GOOD! OUTSTANDING! But…I do recommend to make more copies of books because literally every time I want a book…it’s checked out!


Thank you for your comment. We understand your frustration. However, we keep as many copies available in the system as the budget allows. If the book of your choice is not available at our branch, it might still be available in the library system. Please ask one of our staff members and they will be able to help you with placing a hold on your particular title.

Please get some Fortnite books.


Thank you for your book recommendations. We will forward your requests to our Collection Development Coordinator for consideration.

I suggest Kamisama Kiss volume 24 and 25, and all of Lucy Knisley’s books like Relish, etc.


Thank you for your recommendations. Some of your suggestions are already part of our collection. Please check with a librarian to assist you during your next visit. In regard to the remaining suggestions, we will pass those along to the Collection Development Coordinator for consideration, based on our policy and as our budget allows.

My library is a TREASURE! Like Christmas morning discovering new books and authors.

I have been here 2 times every one is so nice and efficient. Thank you.

You guys are incredible!


We are glad that you enjoyed your visit to the library and look forward to seeing you again!

I have an issue of email notice sent automatically from the library systems. More than five emails were received about my checked out books. All the books have same due date. Could you please put the books due to same day in one email? Too many emails to check. A little inconvenience. Thanks.


I will pass on your suggestion to the appropriate department for review.

R. F. Meador Branch Library

Suggest Discover and Scientific American magazines. Thank you.


Thank you for the suggestions, and we will keep them in mind for our next ordering season. Remember, if you are reading magazines in the Meador library, please don’t re-shelve them after you read them, rather, just leave them on our coffee table. We keep statistics on the magazines that get looked at, and it’s a way for us to know what’s popular with the patrons. (And we don’t mind putting them back! *smiley face*)

Would you consider, as part of the teen writing program, to have a critique group for teens who have works in progress?


Thank you for your suggestion, and good for you for writing! The purpose of our writing group is to come together and write creatively in a safe space. We have found that the teens are less willing to share if they fear being judged or critiqued. If you’re a teen, we encourage you to attend our next Teen Write & Chat on August 9, 4:00-5:00pm, and see what it’s all about!

Order High Plains Drifter with Clint Eastwood. Movies turned sideways hard to read little writing. Have a catalogue of movies so customer can see if your library carry that movie.

Impossible to read titles on DVD for older people.


I’m sorry reading the movie titles have you frustrated! We do have the IPAC online catalog located near the DVDs, which you can look up movies on; however, having a print catalog of movie titles is not feasible. If you need help locating movies, please ask a Reference Librarian for assistance. We do have magnifying devices available at the Reference Desk to aid you if you want to search yourself. High Plains Drifter is in the library system, and can be requested and sent for pick-up at the Meador Library. Ask a librarian for assistance reserving it for you.

Facebook Comments

MCMLS invited everybody to meet the nicest people when they come to see the Outreach Library table.

Patron (name withheld): Where is this?

MCMLS response: Various places. The Central Library, The Ark church, and Lone Star College-Montgomery campus just to name a few.

Patron (name withheld): Thanks

MCMLS posted its E-Newsletter Summer Edition, including information about the Summer Reading Program

Patron (name withheld): When can we pick up a reading log?

MCMLS response: Summer Reading starts Monday, June 4th, 2018. You can pick up a log on that day or anytime later in the week.

Patron (name withheld): Thanks.

MCMLS reminded about the Summer Reading Program and the amazing chance for prizes in posting a flyer with all the 2018 sponsors.

Patron (name withheld): Thanks. This will give us another gift card.

Email & Online Comments

Many activities for adults and children are good options and always a puzzle available to work on. [West Branch Library]


Thank you for the nice compliments! We are happy that you have had a positive experience here at MCMLS!

I come here every other week with my twin 5 year old girls and we always have a great time. There's always someone to help with whatever genre we are looking for. I really appreciate this awesome resource. [Central Library]

They are a great library with a great staff. [South Regional Library]

Great people, so helpful, friendly. Great place to learn, study,…[R.B. Tullis Branch Library]


Thank you! We appreciate your compliments and are so happy you are pleased with the service you received from our staff!

Most staff seem hostile and unfriendly during busy business hours. [South Regional Library]


Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you had a negative experience at our library branch. We strive to maintain a positive environment for all that visit the library. If you’d like to speak further on your experience, please feel free to contact Branch Manager, Lynn Garcia. Thank you.

Who is the small, bespeckled children's librarian who harasses parents if their child gets more than 5 feet away? I hear her harassment over and over. She implies that parents are neglectful in watching their child/children. She seems to dislike children and parents alike. The other children's librarians are very friendly and helpful. [Central Library]


We are very sorry you felt one of our Children’s staff members was rude. We try very hard to be courteous to our customers large and small. Unfortunately, the library is not an entirely safe place, although, many believe it to be. Being a public place there may come times when there are people in the library that could be watching your children in a harmful way. Which is why we have a policy in place that states children under 13 must be visible to their parent or guardian at all times. The Children’s Department staff members will inquire as to where the adult caregiver is if we see any child or children alone. Please understand, that we see so many families and children of all ages, daily, that it is not possible to remember which child belongs to which adult.

Geocaching Comments

We took the trackable, (sorry to those who wanted to find it) super fun finding, we raised a bit of suspicion kneeling on the ground looking at it, but all good. [Central Library]

What an awesome idea!!! This is my first multi-cache. The final one has plenty of room for treasures. [R.F. Meador Branch Library]


Thank you for taking the time to search for our geocaches and providing us with your feedback.

E-NEWS Comments

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