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Children in the Library are the responsibility of their parents at all times. The Library has neither the staff nor the legal authority to supervise children in the library.

Therefore, parents and guardians should be aware of their responsibility to discipline and supervise their children while they are in the Library. A child left unattended in the Library may become disruptive or frightened, ill or injured. An unattended child could also be kidnapped or molested. Therefore, if a child is found to be unattended in the Library (that is, if the responsible adult is not on the Library premises) at closing time or becomes disruptive in the Library at any time, the Library may ask the Police to take the child into custody for the child's protection. This policy applies to any child twelve years of age and younger. Older minors who become disruptive will be asked to leave the Library premises and failure to comply may result in the police being called.

Important Information for Parents Handout

Información para los Papás

This page includes resources to use to help your child with school assignments, find reading materials, find contact information for local schools and more.

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Homework Help

Along with the print materials and videos available, the Library has many databases that can help your child find the information they're looking for.

In our Homework Help section, the databases and websites are grouped in the following areas: Databases the Library subscribes to, General Reference, Biography, Current Events, Geography, Government, Health, History, Language Arts, Math, Performing & Visual Arts, Religion, Science, Space, Technology, and Texas. These are available through the Kids main page under Homework Help.

School Reading Lists
Reading Resources