Stewart General Computer Classes

These classes cover a variety of subjects. The topics covered include using the Internet for job seeking, using email, and fun stuff like creating cards. Need more description here?

Job Related Classes Email & Internet
Specialty Classes Fun Stuff

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Job Related Classes

Job Search In this class you will learn how to conduct a Job Search, learn about the Hidden Job Market and prepare to either find a new job or land a better one.
Online Application Forms So you found that position you always wanted but do not understand how apply for this dream job online. This class trains you to utilize Online Applications and Forms in order to achieve your goals. In addition, there are other instances where you can apply this new knowledge since many companies and agencies are moving forms online.
Resumes The job market has changed and you need to know how to develop an Online Resume in order to find your next job. The olds days of paper are going away and you have to learn to be smarter than the Market. This class explores and trains you to create the "RIGHT" resume for the position you are looking for. Understand the Do's and Do Not's of Resume Writing.

Email & Internet

Basic Email In this class you will learn all of the ins and outs of sending and receiving email.
Basic Gmail This class will teach you about the web directed mail programs and how they can serve as an alternative email program.
Internet & Surfing Learn all of the Do's and Don'ts of Surfing the Web and learn the difference between the Web and Net. Find out how to be safe during your exploration of the Web and how not to download Viruses and Malware. Learn the difference between a Virus and Malware and which software is best suited to protect you. In addition learn about Search Engines and how to look up a subject or interest.
Ebay Are you a Buyer or Seller? This class teaches all of the basics for dealing on Ebay. Learn how to post items to sell and learn all of the angles of buying. Get that new item you wanted at the lowest price and the difference between Buy It Now and other types of Auctions.
Social Web Sites This class investigates popular Social Web Sites. Understand how the site looks at you, the user, and understand each privacy issue before you sign up. Have you taken a look at the Terms and Conditions of Social Web Sites and how much privacy are you willing to give up? Do you like to expose your every move or idea Online or are you a more private type of person? Learn how to set up your account to give out only the information you want.

Specialty Classes

Senior Computers This class is held every Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. The class explores all aspects of computer usage by seniors. The class covers everything from A-Z and includes hardware, software, fraud, security, keyboarding, web surfing, installing software, installing hardware, email, Gmail, art, photography and many other subjects. The class is a continuation class with each one covering another subject.
Kid's Computer Training

Provides technical instruction to children ages 7-11 to enhance an understanding of Technology and Computers. Looking towards the future of technology and promoting knowledge through use and understanding. Classes will be ongoing as different subject matter will be taught at each session.

Open Computer Lab Every Friday we will hold an Open Computer Lab from 2-4 p.m. In this class we can look at computer problems, explain how to fix and troubleshoot your computer and software. If you have personal computer problems or just want to ask questions, this will be the place to achieve these goals.

Fun Stuff

Cell Phones This class will explore all aspects of Cell Phones taking a look at current and future technology. Utilizing your Smart Phone to your best advantage will be a prime area of discussion for this class. This class will also discuss the difference between Droids and iPhones and how to install the best applications.
Nook and Kindle Do you now own a Nook, Kindle or other such device? This is the class that introduces this new Technology and how to get the most from them. Learn about E-Books, those available through the Library and many more aspects of these great devices.
iTunes This class will teach the use of Apple's iTunes for audio and video applications. iTunes is another player in the every growing area of audio and video.
Real Media Player Real Media Player is another free software program that is easy to use and has many tasks and tools for listening to multi-media formats. Learn how to utilize this great program and make listening to music an easy task. This program can be used in place of iTunes or Microsoft® Media Player, but it is a good idea to keep two or more of these types of programs installed on your computer.